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Sci-Fi riot officer Helmet

Sci-Fi riot officer Helmet

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The Custom-made Sci-Fi riot officer Helmet is a one-of-a-kind, handcrafted piece designed for maximum functionality and durability. The helmet features a 40 mm fan, a light pack, and a polycarbonate visor for optimal ventilation, visibility, and illumination.

The helmet is available in four sizes: small (20 inches circumference), medium (22 inches circumference), large (24 inches circumference), and extra-large (26 inches circumference). If custom sizing is required, we recommend selecting the size that is closest to your desired dimensions and providing the adjusted measurements in the personalization section or by messaging me directly.

*Please note USB battery banks for the armor and helmets are not included with the purchase of these items. These items require a separate purchase of a USB battery bank in order to function. For recommendations for USB battery banks tested with armor and helmets, feel free to message me after purchase.

**Please note that this Custom-made Palanite Enforcer Helmet is intended for cosplay and display purposes only and is not designed for real-world protection. The helmet is not certified for safety and does not meet any safety standards for use in sports, work, or any other activities that may involve impact or penetration hazards.

****Legal Notice: Please be advised that the product offered in this shop is considered "fan art" and is not an officially licensed product. The product is protected under the Fair Use Act. This product is intended to parody the original, copyrighted material and is not intended for commercial profit. The money paid for the product is for the services, time, and materials provided in the creation of the fan art and not for any commercial use or profit.

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